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"You really listen. And you link ideas and insights in ways that enable new thinking and innovation."


"Honestly, Raoul helped us learn to walk again – but always with mutual respect!"


"Didn't just help cope with the stress & tasks – also helped grow as a person."


"Deep and empathic – and yet delivering what he promises."


Raoul Pilcicki is an entrepreneur, consultant, facilitator, community-initiator and an ever-learning student. He specializes in the field of Systems Innovation and Organizational Learning. In a unique and participative way, his methodology links reflective and highly creative practices with hands-on, cutting-edge approaches from the world of Organizational Development and Systems Engineering.


Over the past 10 years, Raoul has internationally worked and trained with various masters and thought leaders around the fields of Data Analysis, Mindfulness, Systems Engineering, Organizational Development and Design Strategy. He has worked with Cities, Non-Profits and Businesses big and small. Raoul works both in- and outside the EU.  Apart from client engagements, he is involved in various research initiatives and loves to facilitate inspiring seminars around the topic. 


He is member of the German Society for System Dynamics.

Latest Blog Posts

World Puzzles

Frustration by ideas (Fr, 25 Mai 2018)
Ideas are great. Everybody loves to have them, right? Wrong. When are ideas frustrating? Ideas and insights can be a glimpse of a better future, an outcome highly desired. But if I do not have a place to put them, a reality to connect them to, an opportunity to apply them, somebody to share it... Weiterlesen
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Capture the mind (Fr, 18 Mai 2018)
Your mind is for having ideas, not for holding them, self management guru David Allen tells us. I leave the religious and philosophical side of this whole topic aside for now. Let’s get practical: have you ever lied in bed, awake, thoughts running like crazy? In some cases, it can help to write them down... Weiterlesen
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Good and bad efforts (Mi, 09 Mai 2018)
This morning, I had a very inspiring discussion with a colleague. We spoke about sociologist perspectives with regard to multioptionality, as induced by smartphones for instance. There is a theory in sociology basically saying that in the past, we had to directly affect our environment, for instance to grow food. Modern society has moved from... Weiterlesen
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