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"You really listen. And you link ideas and insights in ways that enable new thinking and innovation."


"Honestly, Raoul helped us learn to walk again – but always with mutual respect!"


"Didn't just help cope with the stress & tasks – also helped grow as a person."


"Deep and empathic – and yet delivering what he promises."


Raoul Pilcicki is an entrepreneur, consultant, facilitator, community-initiator and an ever-learning student. He specializes in the field of Systems Innovation and Organizational Learning. In a unique and participative way, his methodology links reflective and highly creative practices with hands-on, cutting-edge approaches from the world of Organizational Development and Systems Engineering.


Over the past 10 years, Raoul has internationally worked and trained with various masters and thought leaders around the fields of Data Analysis, Mindfulness, Systems Engineering, Organizational Development and Design Strategy. He has worked with Cities, Non-Profits and Businesses big and small. Raoul works both in- and outside the EU.  Apart from client engagements, he is involved in various research initiatives and loves to facilitate inspiring seminars around the topic. 


He is member of the German Society for System Dynamics.

Latest Blog Posts

World Puzzles

Hiring hollow heroes (Sa, 21 Apr 2018)
It is not just how many names, positions and years you have collected during your career so far, but it is also about how focused and present you were during that time. I guess there is no test for this. And we all fall short of it, but still I want to bring it up.... Weiterlesen
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Collaborating with the enemy (Mi, 11 Apr 2018)
You do not always have to agree upon everything in order to be able to collaborate. Recently the Academy for Systems Change hosted Adam Kahane from Reos Partners. He specializes in multi-stakeholder collaboration with high potential for conflict and diverging interests. He had a very refreshing take on what it takes to collaborate when you... Weiterlesen
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Reinventing Organizational Visualization (Di, 10 Apr 2018)
I recently found an old visualisation I created to illustrate some of the current concepts behind selfmanaging teams and organizations. I met and made fiends with Frederic Laloux, author of the best selling book Reinventing Organizations, and some active members of the larger community in 2013 through a global wiki project he initiated (reinventingorganizationswiki.com). That... Weiterlesen
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